Healthy vegetable soup

Not all soups must be cooked with young ribs or minced meat. The vegetable soup itself is very juicy and tasty. This soup is extremely suitable for light meals. Let’s learn how to cook healthy vegetable soup.

Ingredients make nutritious vegetable soup :

  • Carrot 60 gr
  • Potato 70 gr
  • Beetroot 50 gr
  • Broccoli 50 gr
  • Vegetarian Seasoning 3 gr

Step 1:

Preliminary processing 4 types of vegetables. Cut the piece to taste.

Step 2:

My tip is to add carrots, then potatoes and beetroots first. When these 3 bulbs are soft, then add broccoli, broccoli will be green.

Step 3:

Season with 3 tablespoons of seasoning. Scoop out a bowl, sprinkle some scallions and cilantro on top.

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