Salted egg sponge cake

Salted egg sponge cake is a favorite of many people, but not everyone knows how to do it, right? With this recipe, you will learn how to make a salted egg sponge cake quickly and completely with just one rice cooker. So convenient, why not save the recipe and do it right away!

Raw materials for making salted egg sponge cake 

  • wheat flour 130 gr
  • Chicken eggs 5 fruits
  • Sugar powder 120 gr
  • Vanilla 1/2 tsp
  • Meat floss 200 gr
  • Salted egg yolk 12 pieces
  • 8 slices of cheese
  • Sausage 3 trees

Step 1:

Boil 1 pot of boiling water, put on a stainless steel brass then beat 5 chicken eggs inside, 120gr shelf of powdered sugar, use stirring and stir constantly to warm warm eggs about 60-70 degrees.

Step 2:

Take the bowl of eggs out of the pot, add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla and meat floss, beat at low speed and then slowly increase to the highest until the meat floss mixture up, pale yellow, smooth. Sift 130g of all-purpose flour into a bowl and mix well until the mixture is smooth.

Step 3:

Pour the dough into the rice cooker, tap the pot gently on the table to make the air bubbles burst. Put in the rice cooker, select Menu to Bread / Cake, press the Cook button, the rice cooker will self-timer baking is 40 minutes. After baking, the rice cooker screen will switch to 0 o’clock, press the Off button to finish. When cooked, take out the rack to cool.

Step 4:

Cut the cake into 2 equal parts. Drizzle egg oil sauce in the middle, place alternating smiling cow cheese, scrambled salted eggs, sliced ​​sausages, rub cotton inside. Place the second layer of cake on top, sprinkle with egg oil sauce and then alternatively mix cooked salted egg custard, cheese to make it look good.

Step 5:

So you’ve done the salted egg custard is delicious and quality. Does it look so good with a soaked egg oil sauce, rubbing cotton balls and cheese and salted eggs alternating together? The cake is made from a rice cooker but it is very delicious, soft and fluffy, combined with the salty taste of cotton scrub and salted egg, adding the fat of sauce and cheese, listening to here you have craved and want to start right away.

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