Kiwi mango smoothie – smoothie healthy bowl

Smoothie Healthy Bowl is a breakfast dish to support weight loss, health care popular in European countries and gradually gaining popularity in Asia. Here, the dish can help you unleash your creativity with many different fruits and nuts. With extremely beautiful appearance and fresh taste, the simple way, Kiwi Banana Smoothie combo will make you enjoy. Let’s learn how to make Kiwi mango smoothie.

Raw materials for making kiwi mango smoothie – healthyie smoothie :

  • Banana 400 gr
  • Ripe mangoes 300 gr
  • Kiwi 300 gr
  • Beetroot 50 gr
  • Orange 100 gr
  • Chia seeds 30 gr
  • Oats 100 gr

Step 1:

Remove banana peel, kiwi peel, ripe mango skin. Then cut the fruit into thin slices. Put in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

Step 2:

Beet peeled, cut cubes. You can use either pure or roasted brown sugar.

Step 3:

After the fruit is frozen, put it all in a blender including 350 grams of bananas, 200 grams of ripe mangoes, and 200 grams of kiwi into finely ground. Smoothie will be light yellow. To make the smoothie pink, add the beetroots!

Note: Add a pinch of lemon juice to the blend to prevent fruit from darkening.

Step 4:

After grinding finely, put the mixture into a bowl. Garnish with the rest of the fruit, chia seeds and oats according to your preference.

Step 5:

Store this dish in the freezer to keep it fresh longer. Now enjoy. Natural sweet and sour fruits without sugar, mixed with cool fresh fruits, added less nutritious oats and chia seeds. Be creative and maintain the habit of eating this smoothie to have a good physique and good health! Good luck!

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