Detox spring rolls

Detox spring rolls with crunchy mushrooms in the filling, this will be a great dish for your whole family on this New Year Eve holiday. The dish is both delicious and healthy because it contains many vitamins and minerals. Let’s see how to make vegetarian Detox spring rolls here !

Detox spring rolls :

  • Rice paper 500 gr
  • Enoki mushroom 200 gr
  • Cat mushroom 200 gr
  • Shiitake mushroom 200 gr
  • Straw mushrooms 200 gr
  • Chicken drumstick mushrooms 200 gr
  • Carrots 200 gr
  • Vermicelli 200 gr
  • Cassava root 200 gr
  • Wheat flour 5 gr
  • Vegetarian Seasoning 20 gr

Step 1: Preliminary processing of raw materials:

200gr mushrooms remove roots, cut into thin sliced : 200gr cutted carrots, 200gr ​​shiitake mushroom, 200gr cassava tubers, 200gr cat mushrooms, 200gr chicken drumstick mushrooms , 200gr green onion cut into pieces, 200gr straw mushroom cut into 1/4, 200gr vermicelli cut into small pieces.

Step 2:

Put the vegetable ingredients in a large bowl with 20gr of vegetarian seasoning and 5gr of flour, mix well.

Step 3:

Spread the diluted wheat flour on the rice paper, then fill with the vegetable filling in the middle, folding the edges of the rice paper into a square.

Step 4:

Add the oil in a pan, wait until it is hot, then fry the spring rolls, until cooked.

So, the vegetable detox spring roll for the traditional New Year has been completed, so that the better dish will be served on a plate served with lettuce, herbs and sweet and sour fish sauce.

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