Crispy roast pork

Crispy Roast Pork – a popular New Year delicacy in Asian meals. How to make a simple roast pork with a layer of soft, rich meat, and a layer of roasted pork skin crispy, extremely delicious. This roast pork dish served with bread or served with sour food, herbs, dipping sauce, sweet and sour sauce is great. Let’s learn how to cook crispy roast pork.

Ingredients make crispy roasted pork :

  • Bacon 500 gr
  • White wine 15 ml
  • Salt 120 gr
  • White sugar 5 gr
  • Five-spice powder 3 gr
  • Pepper 3 gr
  • Vinegar 30 ml

Step 1: Prepare roast pork:

Wash pork belly, blot dry. Put the bacon on a baking sheet lined with a layer of foil, face upwards, rub white wine on the meat (do not rub on the skin).

Step 2: How to marinate roast pork:

Mix 10gr of salt, 5gr of white sugar, 3gr of five spice powder, 3gr of pepper in a bowl. Marinate bacon with five spice powder mixture, put in refrigerator for about 12-24 hours.

Note: pig skin surface upwards.

Step 3: How to make crispy roast pork:

Use vinegar brush to evenly vinegar on the skin of bacon, sprinkle the remaining 110gr salt on top.

Step 4:

Put the bacon in the oven, only grilled roast pork at 200 degrees C for about 90 minutes.

Step 5: How to make crispy pork:

Take out the meat from the oven, put the rack in the oven to the lowest position, remove all salt on the skin, open the foil and take the meat and put it on the rack in the oven. Bake another 10-15 minutes.

Note: Under the rack should lined foil so that the meat does not wet.

Roast pork cooked, take out, cooled, cut into pieces to taste. Now, enjoying. Attractive from the first time eating. Roasted pork served with question bread, raw vegetables, delicious salty and spicy fish sauce. Save the way to make this roasted pork skin, to invite the whole family of delicious roast pork without going to the store anymore.

Note: Using a large and heavy knife will help you chop the roast pork more easily.

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