Stir-fried sour beans with sesame

Stir-fried sour beans with sesame is a stir-fry dish in a vegetarian meal. The sweet crispy taste of green bean will surely catch your heart once you have eaten it. I would like to introduce the stir-fried sour beans with sesame. Let’s learn how to cook stir-fried sour beans with sesame.

Ingredients for stir-fried sour beans with sesame :

  • Green beans 200 gr
  • Roasted sesame 5 gr
  • Soy sauce 10 ml
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Vegetarian seasoning 5 gr
  • 10 ml sesame oil
  • Sugar 3 gr

Step 1:

Rinse, cut off the 2 heads and cut thin slices to eat.

Step 2:

Pour roasted sesame, sesame oil, soy sauce, seasoning seeds and sugar in the bowl, stir well.

Step 3:

Mince garlic and then stir-fry with garlic oil.

Step 4:

When stir-fry garlic, add beans, then add spices to stir-fry together until beans are cooked, absorb spices, turn off the stove.

Step 5:

Pour stir fried sesame into a plate and serve with hot rice. I wish you success following my recipe.

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