Five colors sticky rice

Five colors sticky rice – a delicious, fancy and extremely attractive breakfast dish for the whole family. How to cook five colors sticky rice with simple selection of delicious glutinous rice. Five natural colors: Blue of blue peas, orange of turmeric, purple of camellia, green of pineapple leaves and natural white of glutinous rice. Refer to how to make five colors sticky rice right away!

Raw materials make five colors sticky rice:

  • Glutinous rice 500 gr
  • Pea flower juice 300 ml
  • Pineapple leaf juice 300 ml
  • Fresh turmeric juice 300 ml
  • Glutinous corn leaf juice 300 ml
  • Coconut water 500 ml
  • Jackfruit 300 gr

Step 1:

Prepare to make multicolored sticky rice: Wash off glutinous rice with plenty of water. Then divide sticky rice into 5 equal parts (each part 100g).

Step 2:

Soak each piece of glutinous rice separately with naturally prepared colored water such as: Pineapple leaf juice, blue pea flower juice, rosemary juice, turmeric juice. And the remaining 1 part sticky rice is soaked in cold water normally. Soak sticky rice for about 6-7 hours to soak up the beautiful color. Then, take out the glutinous rice, drain and mix the 5 types of glutinous rice together.

Step 3:

How to steam sticky rice with five colors: Put sticky rice into stainless steel steamer, spread evenly. Instead of mixing sticky rice with coconut milk, steaming with fresh coconut water. Cooked steamed sticky rice will be fragrant with the smell of coconut without being mushy.

Five-color glutinous rice served with sesame sugar or peanut salt is great. Can prepare more coconut milk to eat if you like the fat. In addition, I have prepared a few pieces of jackfruit to make five colors sticky rice more beautiful and very delicious.

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