Vegetarian king oyster mushroom braised ginger

On vegetarian days, just spend 30 minutes in the kitchen, you will immediately have vegetarian king oyster mushroom braised ginger dish that is delicious, warm, and easy to use with hot rice. Natural sweet king yster mushroom combined with spicy ginger will be very delicious. Let’s learn how to cook vegetarian king oyster mushroom braised ginger.

Ingredients to make vegetarian ginger braised mushroom:

  • 1 drumstick chicken mushroom
  • Scallions 5 gr
  • Ginger 5 gr
  • Soy sauce 20 ml
  • Sugar 10 gr
  • Vegetarian seasoning 5 gr
  • MSG 2 gr
  • Cold water 50 ml

Step 1:

Rinse chicken drumsticks, cut mushrooms vertical. Peel and cut ginger into 2mm slices.

Step 2:

Stir-fry the chopped scallions with oil and add all the spices including: soy sauce, vegetarian seasoning, sugar, MSG, pepper and a little cold water in the pot and bring to a boil. Add 3 ‘boiled ginger to taste.

Step 3:

Add the king oyster to the simmer hear until the sauce runs out, then turn off the heat.

Put king oyster mushroom in a dish, add 1 cup of hot rice and it is great. Don’t think vegetarian is not delicious, I wish you success following my recipe

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