Abalone mushrooms baked with a sweet and salty sauce

My family loves to eat abalone mushrooms, so I make a lot of delicious dishes from this mushroom. In addition to the main dishes during the meal, I also have a lot of snacks made from abalone mushrooms. I would like to introduce to you the abalone mushrooms with sweet and salty sauce. Let’s learn how to cook abalone mushrooms baked with a sweet and salty sauce with us.

Raw materials for making abalone mushrooms in a sweet and salty sauce:

  • Abalone mushroom 100 gr
  • Carrots 30 gr
  • Cooking oil 10 gr
  • Leek 3 gr
  • Horn peppers 3 gr
  • Sugar 7 gr
  • Garlic 5 gr
  • Oyster sauce 7 gr
  • Vegetarian Seasoning 3 gr
  • Cold water 20 ml

Step 1:

Rinse the abalone mushrooms, cut the feet off the mushrooms and drain, tearing to taste. Cut carrots into bite-sized pieces. Put all mushrooms and carrots in the foil tray.

Step 2:

Now we make sweet and salty sauce. Mince leek, chili and pineapple then stir-fry. Then add the remaining spices including oyster sauce, fried garlic, sugar, vegetarian seasoning, and cold water to melt the spices, then turn off the heat.

Step 3:

Pour sweet and salty sauce just made on the mushroom tray, mix well and bring to the oven 250 degrees – 7 ‘. Once you see the mushrooms cook, you can take them out and enjoy them.

The soft, natural flavor of abalone mushrooms is baked in a sweet and salty sauce, very suitable for a dish of vegetarian meals. So it is extremely simple to have a snack for vegetarian days right? I wish you success with my recipe.

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