Pancake with tubers and coconut mushrooms

Pancakes dish how many people can not don’t know. Vegetarian pancake fat , fragrant, crispy with sweet coconut milk and mushrooms, crispy coconut tubers, sweet-smelling of melon. Roll with vegetables and then dip it into the vegetarian sauce to make people who eat cant remember how to get home.

Raw materials for making pancakes tubers coconut mushrooms 

  • Pancake flour 400 gr
  • Coconut milk 250 gr
  • Soda 200 gr
  • Water 450 gr (Mix pancake dough)
  • Scallions 10 gr
  • Vegetarian fish sauce 150 gr
  • Water 120 gr
  • White sugar 180 gr
  • Vinegar 70 gr
  • Shiitake mushroom 150 gr
  • Ganoderma 100 gr
  • Coconut tubers 200 gr
  • Green beans 100 gr
  • Sin qua:  200 gr
  • King osyter mushrooms :150 gr
  • Bean sprouts 100 gr
  • Vegetarian seasoning : 10 gr
  • Vegetables 800 gr (Assorted vegetables)

Step 1:

Mix 400gr flour pancake flour with 450gr water and 200gr soda water (crunchy effect). Mix 250gr of coconut milk, 10 grams of mushroom seasoning powder, 10gr of chopped green onions and stir-fry to rest for 30 minutes.

Step 2:

Rinse all medium-sized sliced ​​mushrooms. Coconut tubers cut in water with lemon juice diluted without being black. Mung beans soaked in soft boiled water. Cut loofah cut off the gut. All ingredients you stir fried about 70% seasoning 10gr mushroom seasoning powder to taste, finished pouring into a basket to drain.

Step 3:

Mix vegetarian sauce: add 70 grams of vinegar and 180 grams of boiling sugar (cooking like that, the smell of vinegar will evaporate the sauce without bad smell ) and then turn off stove to add water and fish sauce to turn on the stove to boil again. turn off the heat and add the garlic and chili. You cook just like I recorded to make sure that the chili garlic floating doesn’t sink.

Step 4:

Dough wait for 30 minutes, stir the kite and start pouring the cake. For a patch of pan dough then put the mixture of fried people on the cake, add the green beans and cover for 4 minutes for cooked cakes. Open the lid to continue frying the crackers and remove the cake.

This vegetarian pancake dish is a bit extreme but home-made then it was eaten. Vegetarian pancake rolls with vegetables and fish sauce are just as good as savory pancakes.

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