How to cook Gac sticky rice coconut water deliciously with rice cooker

A dish of red Gac sticky rice flaming ancestor worship on New Year’s Eve with the wish give you and your family lucky, abundant health, prospering. So do not ignore how to cook Gac sticky rice with coconut water with a simple rice cooker with the steps below.

Raw materials make Gac sticky rice

To get a dish of Gac sticky rice with coconut milk deliciously you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • Glutinous rice: 500g
  • Gac fruit: 1 fruit
  • Freshly grated coconut: 100g
  • Coconut milk: 1 can
  • Sugar: 200g
  • Salt
  • Roasted sesame seeds

How to cook Gac sticky rice

Sticky rice with coconut water fragrant sticky rice, covered by the natural red color of Gac. When you eat, you will feel the taste of coconut milk, the aroma of Gac. Moreover in gac contains lots of nutrients and vitamins tonic blood. How to cook delicious Gac sticky rice goes through the following steps:

Step 1: Preliminary processing of raw materials

You put glutinous rice into the basket and then wash through about 2 times to clean. Then soak sticky rice overnight or soak for 10-12 hours to make it sticky and softer and more flexible. Coconut water can also be used to soak sticky rice, which makes the sticky rice more fragrant. Finally pour the glutinous rice into the basket, treat it 2-3 times and then drain.

Gac fruit you cut into double of width of Gac. Remove all inside. You can remove the seeds and retain only Gac meat. However, if you are not skillful, you should remove the seeds. In addition, people can use white wine and then crushed Gac to take the Gac seeds.

Step 2: How to cook Gac sticky rice with coconut milk

You first mix glutinous rice with a pinch of salt. Continue to put Gac meat into glutinous rice and squeeze evenly. Ensure that all glutinous rice is covered with red layer of Gac. Using a rice cooker, add some water to the pot, put the steamer on and pour the glutinous rice into it. Spread evenly on the corners , cover and turn on the cook button.

Wait about 30-35 minutes to check if the sticky rice is soft enough. Then mix coconut milk with white sugar and stir until dissolved. Slowly sprinkle the mixture into the sticky rice, stirring the sticky rice sugar and coconut milk. You divide it into sections and keep doing it until the end. Keep boiling for another 15-20 minutes.

When sticky rice is cooked you scoop out, sprinkle extra coconut grated and roasted sesame to be able to enjoy immediately. You can sprinkle a little more chicken fat to make the sticky rice more beautiful and more greasy.

Request finished products

Gac sticky rice dish with the following requirements:

  • Sticky rice with natural red eye catching of Gac, glutinous and sticky. The aroma of coconut water blends with the flesh of roasted sesame.
  • When eating, you will feel the sweet and salty taste of sticky rice. Along the typical fragrance of Gac. The sticky rice is soft, soft and retains its shape.
  • Gac sticky rice with coconut water with eye-catching red is the color symbolizing happiness and luck.

Note when doing

The instructions to cook Gac sticky rice are as simple as that, but you should also note some points as follows:

  • Using a little white wine not only helps you separate the Gac seed but also creates a more beautiful and natural color.
  • Choose the kind of sticky rice that is delicious, pliable and fragrant, not crushed.
  • When you use the rice cooker to cook, you should always pay attention to clean the water on the lid to prevent it flowing down and make sticky rice loose.
  • You can use fresh coconut water to stir the sugar and then slowly pour it into the sticky rice. Should limit the use of coconut milk will make sticky rice fat, will eat very bored.
  • You can use a mold shaped like a flower to make the sticky rice more attractive.

A breakfast dish or a dish suitable for ancestor worship which is popular with children to adults. With the simple steps above, do not ignore how to cook Gac sticky rice excellently.

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